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5 steps to learn how to draw manga girl

Drawing a girl Manga is based on some common bases in the drawing of a boy Manga. So you can take a look at our article " Draw a manga boy " or watch and follow the 5 steps of the tutorial below that highlight the differences between parts of the body to help you understand the specific characteristics of a manga girl.

1) The body: a key step to draw a girl Manga

To draw the shape of a female character, keep in mind that she is more sinuous than the male body. The hips and shoulders are almost perfectly aligned when compared vertically. In general, it is better to have a reference. If you want to save time and quality, get a Body Chan figurine on which you can rely.

Manga Drawing Body Kun Revolution

When you sketch your shoulders, do not sharpen them; try to round them up. Once again, observation is the key!

Manga Drawing Body Kun Revolution

Now let's see how different sizes and shapes of the chest can affect the silhouette. Because gravity is continuously active (obvious), the breasts should be pointed slightly down. Never draw bulging breasts outward as if there is another external force pushing them in another direction. Also, keep in mind the perspectives of the chest when you superimpose the patterns of clothing: they must adopt the shape of the chest for a natural rendering.

Manga drawing Body Kun Revolution

2) How to draw a girl Manga face

In order to draw a girl's face, some elements must be exaggerated. Most of the Manga seen in cartoons have a style with large eyes wide compared to the nose, mouth and eyebrows. If you draw in this Manga style, make the eyes occupy 3/4 of the facial area, leaving 1/4 for the nose and mouth. Sometimes, the difference in proportions becomes even more important: up to 1/8 in the most exaggerated styles. Anyway, do several tests with different styles, until you develop the one that suits you the most!

Manga drawing Body Kun Revolution

3) Draw the nose and eyes of a girl Manga character

Knowing how to draw the nose of a girl Manga does not require a pencil stroke very different from a male character.

4) How to draw a female mouth

The most important part about mouth development is the amount of detail and definition you want to bring to the lips. The least defined lips are the easiest to draw. The longer the lips are, the more they will appear masculine. Larger lips are generally used for extremely seductive female characters.

Manga drawing Body Kun Revolution

The cupid curve, which represents the inverted curve at the top of the upper lip, should not be drawn as an acute angle. It would be not only unrealistic, but also awkward. The best way to do this is to create a slight dip in the bow, creating a natural look.

Manga drawing Body Kun Revolution

5) The drawing of the hair of a girl Manga

Let's continue the drawing of the head with the hair. Since most women's hair cuts have long hair, you will need to outline the outline by covering part of the face before attacking the eyes, nose and mouth.

Manga drawing Body Kun Revolution

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