1/6 Scale Body kun + Body chan - 2in1 Pack

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Looking for a better bigger scale to the current body-kun and body-chan drawing figures?

1/6 scale body-kunBody-chan drawing dolls are

  • double the size
  • Extra hands
  • Support base
  • Weapons for action scenes

As many artists searching for specific reference poses but do not want to waste your time on the internet looking for them?

Body-Kun and body-chan drawing figures posing can turn this fantasy into reality.

The poses and references made with Body-Kun are as realistic as possible and it is surely a sight to behold. 

To go along with that you get amazing stop-motion photography and designs for the animation as well.

1/6 scale body-kun and body-chan drawing mannequins are surely your best option as it covers all the aspects that you wish to cover. 

It is never going to let you down and it will also help you in expanding your imagination beyond the restrictions.

These drawing figures are a great reference tool, with solid PVC manufacturing, bigger articulating joints making the accessories switch way easier.  

1/6 scale body-kun and body-chan dolls are not manufactured by Bandai

Our 2 in 1 Offer:

  • 1x Body Kun doll (approx. 28-30 cm)  including support base and all accessories
  • 1x Body chan doll (approx. 24-25 cm) including support base and all accessories

Each drawing figure comes with 5 pairs of extra hands, several support stand attachments, and various weapons, including a katana sword, machine gun, knife, and handgun.