You are an artist, and you want to progress in your practice?

Do you spend time on the web to find references?

Do you have a wooden drawing mannequin that is collecting dust?

Are you looking for new and exciting subjects for your photos?

Or are you simply a creative person looking for inspiration for a new project?

Then the articulated drawing figures for artists Body Kun and Body Chan are exactly what you need!

Take your artwork and drawings to the next level.

It is sometimes difficult to draw human poses by merely using your imagination, especially for beginners.

Bodykun figures are highly articulated mannequins, which can take human poses in a very realistic way!

Why order our articulated body-kun and body-chan drawing figures?

  • Very practical figurine for drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, model making, animation, and much more!
  • More than 30 articulation points per drawing model.
  • A great help for poses & dynamic poses.
  • A handy and practical tool to study light, shortcuts, anatomy, proportions, movements.
  • An enormous time-saving. You will no longer have to waste time online searching for figure drawing reference and model poses.
  • An alternative to the costly live model.
  • A must for pro artists and perfect for beginners. Makes learning more fun for children and allows them to progress more quickly.
  • Bodykun dolls allow you to study a subject from any angle of view as opposed to pictures. Study diving, back diving, etc.…
  • Very useful for drawing on a tablet. Simply take your body-Kun in a photo from any angle and use the photo as a basic model.