Body Chan Shooting Edition Figure

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These new female body chan drawing figures are based on shooting sports activities such as hunting, archery, fencing. 

The shooting set is primarily action-based, containing sturdy mannequins (male and female) that can be poised to assume positions for art purposes. 

Photographers, fine and comic artists would mostly revel in the thrill of having such a spectacle. 

The occasional stress involved in drawing a live human (women model), making awkward expressions, and the rigor is simply a thing of the past.

One of the great features of this moveable body chan shooting sports edition model is that you can customize the mannequin just like you want to.

As you receive the models, they are completely blank, and all the surface of the model and the accessories is left open for you to draw on and customize.

Maybe you want to recreate Floyd Mayweather, design a realistic looking sword fighter, or maybe you want to come up with your completely own design.

No matter what you are aiming for, there are endless opportunities, so you can get as creative as you want to.


  • Flexible and easy to assemble body parts. 
  • Made with PVC materials
  • Color: Grey and beige.
  • It possesses up to 30 articulated joints for easy movement.
  • The female figure is 6" tall. 
  • Removable and easy to maintain body parts
  • A vast range of shooting accessories (Archery, Hunting, etc.)

Expand Your Creativity Now

The body-kun and body-chan shooting edition figures are a drawing/video model that enables you to work without bothering about a specific reference pose. 

Creating elaborate art or motion videos has never been easier. 

The mannequin's body is very articulate and flexible such that it effectively mimics significant features of certain human gestures.

Suitable for all forms of creative projects such as photography, animation, or drawing. 

It comes with impressive quality and versatility.

It is useful for creating scenes, digital arts, figure character simulation. Artists can experiment and leave the figures in a specific pose for hours on end.

Our shooting edition figurines are top quality design with PVC material. Users get to enjoy great value at a lesser price.

Components of the body chan shooting sports edition package

The Offer Includes

The bodychan shooting package contains female model with a bunch of accessories such as 

  • Four removable heads, 
  • Three breastplates.
  • 18 hands
  • Accessories include a fencing mask with a saber, shooting spectacles, boxing gloves, archery bow and quiver, target pistol, and rifle.
  • Head accessories such as boxing helmet.
  • The support base for the figure

These accessories depend on the type of sport, such as archery, hunting, etc.

Get yours today! These new 2021 figures are versatile and articulated to serve your artistic posing purpose. It is accessible and affordable.