Body-kun - Light Complexion


Tired of searching for specific reference poses on the internet and wasting hours looking?

We have the best solutions for your problems with our Body-kun Light Complexion drawing figure!

You will love our Body-kun Light Complexion Edition special deal! with this edition you'll get better quality drawing figures with more amazing accessories.

Why Choose Body-kun light complexion Drawing Figures

It Saves Time

In this modern day and era, we can safely say that, “time is money.” So, all you need to do is to act smart, and choose Body-kun, because our specific articulated figures can take up any reference pose.

Besides that, these figures don’t look like wooden mannequins “stiff dolls”, but have all real-human features, which would make it easy for you to get your creative juices flowing and start filling that canvas.

Highly Realistic

The biggest problem that is associated with the mannequins even if you pay huge amounts of money is that you get something that looks hard and stiff, so your dream of getting that perfect reference pose goes down the drain.

No need to worry, because with Body-kun you’re going to get exact reference poses that you’d like to have.

With more than 30 articulation points these are designed to create reference poses that are as close to reality as possible.

Gives You Less To Worry About

Another benefit that you are going to get if you choose Body-kun is that you can just focus on your art and imagination instead of worrying about how to get the reference pose you need, because our figures can take up any pose you’d like them to.

So, set the pose, and start drawing some sketches!


Body-kun - Grey

Who Can Benefit From Body kun

The biggest plus point that you get with Body Kun figurines is the wide spread variety that it can appeal.

These figures are also perfect for beginners trying to improve their drawing skills. By practicing with Body-kun models , you will improve a LOT faster! 

You will learn how to draw the human anatomy, you will lean proportions, shortcuts, and how to draw all kinds of realistic poses.

Illustrators & Painters

If you are an illustrator or a painter then for sure your mind can surely go beyond the capacities of other artist figures. But, nothing is too far out of the imagination of Body-kun mannequins.

Manga drawing artists are in love with the body kun dolls.

You can throw up any pose that you can imagine in the mix and then see the brilliance of body kun light complexion models that how easily it handles it.

This sounds interesting and exciting right? Well, this can surely be the journey of your life if you choose Body kun light complexion mannequins as an artist figure.


Most of the artist figures almost always ignore the needs of a beginner. We should never forget that even the greatest of artists like da Vinci and Picasso were also beginner at the start.

We value the beginners as much as we do the experienced lot and hence there are equal opportunities for them as well to learn as much as possible by honing their trade with practice.

The proverb “ Practice makes a man perfect “ still stands true to this date as well.

Photographers & Online Models

This is perhaps the era of social media and we all love to post a picture or two of us on the social media don’t we?

Well, Body-kun can help you to create amazingly realistic snaps and you can turn into an overnight celebrity on social media platforms.

Also, for people who have taken up photography as a profession, Body kun has proved to be a great blessing as they now can get amazing shots with all the ease in the world.


Have you ever had a look at the sculptures of Hercules, Sophocles and Aristotle? Are you inspired by it and want to make better and modern versions of those greats?

You can try from a variety of poses that you want and carry on the legends of these greats or even create something that you really love.

Fashion Designers &Directors

Even if you are someone from the fashion industry and work as a designer or someone who creates slow motion pictures, we have got you well covered up for that as well.

All you need to do is to remain patient and amazing things will surely come your way.

Our Offer includes

  • Body kun light complexion figurine (16 cm) (with the display stand and all accessories)