Body-kun - World Tour

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Searching for specific reference poses but do not want to waste your time on the internet looking for them?

You’re going to fall in love with our Body-Kun World Tour dolls, expand your creativity and save time now!

Body-kun figures are back, this time in Limited Collector's Edition!

Do not miss out on our body kun in Limited Collector's Edition! you'll get the male version of these amazing figures for drawing, created with care and the best materials, very flexible high quality with the best price and promotion on the market , Get yours now!!

With Body kun World Tour Models Learn and Master:

  •  Human Anatomy
  •  Figure drawing
  •  The right proportions and motions.
  •  Save Time and Shortcuts to your drawings.
  •  More realistic in your drawings.

With all the confidence in the world we can say that it is surely the best that is available in the market.

For Amateur As Well As Professional Photography and Animation Artists

Photography is one of the most budding industries in the world. It can also be regarded as perhaps the most widely practiced art and hobby as well.

In our wildest dreams we all want to be a photographer don’t we?

The biggest fantasy of every photographer whether he is doing it for fun or he is clicking snaps to earn some bread and butter is that his pictures look as close to reality as possible.

Body-Kun limited edition posing can turn this fantasy into a reality.

The poses and references made with Body-Kun are as realistic as possible and it is surely a sight to behold. To go along with that you also get amazing stop-motion photography and designs for the animation as well.

In short, Body Kun mannequins are surely your best option as it covers all the aspects that you wish it to cover. It is never going to let you down and it will also help you in expanding your imagination beyond the restrictions.

The offer contains 

one Body-kun Limited Edition figure.

Artist  and Figure dolls collectors will love these limited editions of Body-kun.

  • The body kun world tour version include a full set of accessories.
  • Improved articulations providing even more precision
  • the black body kun look even cooler than before
  • And the packaging is simply beautiful!