World Tour 3 Piece Collection (includes 1 stand)

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Two are better than one, they say! Body-Kun and Body-Chan are now available as World Tour Limited Collector's Edition!

The best thing about these latest versions is that it has the same class and aura of the past, but improvements are also made by keeping in mind our respected clients' latest requirements.

The world tour version doesn't just look great. It has way better articulations and flexibility to make any difficult pose you want.

  • These Action Drawing Figures are made with high-quality materials.
  • They can adapt to any pose that the designer wants and hence gives you the room to imagine and enjoy.
  • These action drawing figures are equally useful for artists of all types and kind with the sole motto of providing our clients the best possible experience as it will help them imagine and produce in a much better way for sure.

This limited offer includes:

  • 1 World Tour Body-Kun
  • 1 World Tour Body-chan
  • 1 World Tour Display Stand

This offer is for a limited time, so make up your mind quickly and enjoy it!

body kun world tour limited black edition