Professional Touch-Five Sketch Markers for Manga Animation

Create beautifully accomplished manga and comic art with the TouchFive Premier Double-Ended Art Markers.

Suitable for beginning and experienced artists, these premium artist markers offer a range of manga colors. They are dual-tipped, with a fine tip at one end for precise lines and a chisel at the other for coverage and broad strokes.

Advanced TouchFive alcohol, dye-based ink yields rich, smooth colors.

Creations come alive with TouchFive. Featuring inspired colors and pigments of unrivaled quality, you can express your art in its purest form.  

Precision and Coverage with Fine and Chisel Tips

Incredibly versatile, these double-ended drawing markers feature a fine tip on one end for sharp, detailed lines and a smooth chisel on the other for multiple line widths.

This handy design lets you quickly and easily switch between precise work and full coverage. 

Advanced Ink for Exceptional Color

TouchFive art markers feature premium-quality alcohol, dye-based ink for richly saturated colors, and superior blending.

The brilliant ink is also formulated for a smooth, effortless flow. Besides, each marker has a single reservoir of ink to ensure color consistency at both ends. 

Vivid Colors for Illustrations and Art Projects

Great for illustrations and other artwork, TouchFive professional-quality art and drawing supplies can help you fill in every detail with just the right color, whether you're an art student, a hobbyist, or an experienced designer.