Sta Metallic Marker Pen 10 Colors Set



When you’re a creative artist you always want to focus on getting the best tools like the STA metallic markers pens to deliver the highest standard work that you can.

Challenges are here and there, but trying to make things right and focusing on true quality is very important.

That’s where getting the best STA metallic marker pens makes a lot of sense.

Finding good pens that deliver a great color and consistency can be really hard. Of course there are tricky things to deal with along the way, but if you do things right it can be an amazing opportunity and unique experience.


  • Set of 10 different colors
  • 2 Head types: Round Head and Brush Head
  • Created only from high quality materials
  • Very bright coloring
  • Stellar color uniformity
  • We use only gel ink

Customize your projects in a creative way

One of the best things about our sta metallic markers is that you have a lot of colors you can choose from. The creativity is astounding and you are always in control by bringing in something new and different.

It’s enticing, fun to use and also full of rewarding ideas and cool features. It’s a great experience for anyone that wants a good sta metallic marker set for any kind of projects.

These are working seamlessly, the value is impressive and you will enjoy the way everything works all the time.

Every Sta Metallic Markers Pen Cap Has the Color Name Printed

You will find the sta metallic marker set very easy to use because you always know what color you need to use. it helps more than you might imagine, and you will like the way these work all the time.

It certainly offers a sense of value and continuity while also coming up with something enticing and also very rewarding. Give the sta metallic markers a try and see how good they are.

These Metallic Markers Pens Works on Multiple Surfaces

When you have creative ideas, you want to share them right away. The sta metallic markers help you do that because you get to showcase everything you are thinking quickly and with great efficiency.

The product is designed to offer a tremendous quality and value while also encouraging you to use a variety of writing and coloring surfaces.

Since the ta metallic marker are of a very good quality, they always work seamlessly and you will appreciate the way everything comes together.

It’s an intense, unique and enticing experience for you to explore, while also offering nifty benefits and an outstanding result!