Draw a Manga Boy Step by Step with Body Kun Dolls

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manga boy drawing guide

Having the ability to transcribe your ideas, stories and characters into the real world on a piece of paper is unique. 

The problem of course is that your sketches do not always look the same as in a Japanese comic strip or cartoon. Find in this tutorial how to draw a male character manga style and how to bridge the gap between your imagination and what you actually draw, to finally draw a manga boy as you thought.

How to draw a boy manga in 6 steps

1. Draw the body of the Manga

Let's start the structure of the human body by drawing a circle above a vertical rectangle. There should be about half a centimeter of space between the rectangle and the circle. Then draw a straight line through the middle of these two shapes.

Manga drawing Body Kun

Then draw two temporary elements: an inverted triangle starting from the top of the rectangle and ending at 2/3 of it for the upper body; and a semicircle starting from the bottom of the triangle and joining the two lower ends of the rectangle, for the hips.

Manga drawing Body Kun

Draw the arms and legs with simple temporary lines and temporary circles for the joints.

Manga drawing Body Kun

Finally add the contours of the arms, legs, neck and body shape, then remove the temporary items.

Manga drawing Body Kun

At this stage, you have a solid foundation on which you can rely to develop each part of the body.

Tip: If you are struggling to reproduce the right proportions, you can bring a visual reference such as a Body Kun .

2. Well draw the face

To start the shape of the face of your Manga character, take the first circle of step 1. This will be the top of your character's head. It will help shape all other aspects of the head, such as the eyes and the mouth.

Then find the center of the circle and draw a vertical line through it from top to bottom. This will be the guideline for the chin of your character. Then draw the chin as in the picture below.

Manga drawing Body Kun

To get the right proportions, find the middle of the vertical guideline and draw a horizontal guideline on the width of the head. This is the line of the eyes.

Halfway between the eye line and the chin, draw another horizontal line. This new line will be the benchmark of the bottom of the nose.

In the middle of the line from the nose to the chin, draw a short horizontal line. This line will be the shadow under the lower lip.

Manga Drawing Body Kun


3. Where to draw Manga's mouth

Draw the line of the mouth equidistant between the line indicating the bottom of the nose and that serving as a marker in the shadow of the lower lip.

Manga Drawing Body Kun


4. Draw the eyes of the Manga Boy

The eyes usually have a top and bottom with suggested sides or corners. The eyebrow follows the shape of the upper eyelid to a certain extent. The distance between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid is proportional to the height of the eye. Here are some examples below:

Manga Drawing Body Kun


5. How to draw the Manga nose

There is no limit to the nose but in general, Manga's noses are of a fairly simple form whose bottom corresponds to the reference line mentioned in Step 2 "Drawing the face". Some examples below:

Manga Drawing Body Kun Manga Drawing Body Kun

6. Last step to draw the face of a boy Manga: hair

Make a line indicating the limit of the hairline. Note that the hair is outside the circle guideline that you first drew for the face, for a more real effect.

Manga Drawing Body Kun

If you want to reproduce realistic positions and proportions, take a Body Kun.

Take a Body chan if you want to learn how draw a manga female and check our manga girl drawing article.

These figurines serve as a model for your creation, their physiology is drawn so that you can even see the shading on their body.

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